Instance Data Table Summary

Instance data is the data that is entered by your organization. This includes task plans, items, resources, timesheet data, and so on. The following table lists the database tables that store instance data.

Table Name Column Prefix
PES_Object obj_
PES_ObjectAssociation oa_
PES_Dependency obj_
PES_TimephaseAttributes tpa_
PES_TimephaseAttributeDetails tpd_
PES_ProjectTask tsk_
PES_ProjectTaskDimension tsd_
PES_ProjectAssignment tsk_
PES_ProjectAssignmentDimension tsd_
PES_WorkItemTask tsk_
PES_WorkItemTaskDimension tsd_
PES_WorkItemAssignment tsk_
PES_WorkItemAssignmentDimension tsd_
PES_ConfigurableLog obj_
PES_TimesheetDetailsPending tsl_
PES_TimesheetLineItem tsl_
PES_Resource res_
PES_ResourceAllocation ral_
PES_ResourceAllocationContour ralc_
PES_SkillSet sks_
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