Data Dictionary

All data and metadata is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The database schema defines the structure of the database, including tables, data types, fields, and associated relationships. The schema is fixed upon release and does not change based upon your usage. The database schema may change from release to release, but these changes are usually additive in nature.

Each customer’s configuration is unique and can vary widely. This is achieved within the context of the database by populating two different kinds of tables: Metadata and Instance data tables. Both table types will be used for constructing meaningful queries to retrieve data for custom reports, external data stores, Microsoft Excel, or any other system which needs to interact with data.

The database schema has been documented for the purposes of direct, read-only access to the database. We strongly recommend you do not perform any direct writes to the tables. The data in the metadata tables and instance data tables are subject to consistency checks and business logic processing by the application. Attempts to bypass the application will likely corrupt the database and result in a non-supportable situation for your company.

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