This table contains data for all the resource allocation contours in the system. A contour describes the dates that a resource is allocated to an item or activity, and at what percentage.

Column Data Type Description
ralc_UID int A unique identifier. Every record in the table has a unique ID.
obj_UID int The ID of the resource allocation.
ralc_Value float The allocation percentage for a time period.
ralc_Start datetime The start of the time period of the contour.
ralc_Finish datetime The end of the time period of the contour.
ralc_Comment nvarchar(1000) The comment that is attached to the contour.
There can be multiple contours per allocation. For example:
SELECT resource.obj_Name, ralc_Start, ralc_Finish, ralc_Value
FROM PES_ResourceAllocationContour contour
INNER JOIN PES_ResourceAllocation alloc on alloc.obj_UID = contour.obj_UID
INNER JOIN PES_Resource resource ON resource.obj_UID = alloc.obj_ResourceUID WHERE alloc.obj_UID = 1426