This table contains data for all the resource roles in the system.

Column Data Type Description
sks_UID int A unique identifier. Every record in the table has a unique ID.
sks_Name nvarchar(50) The display name of the role, such as Developer.
sks_Description nvarchar(250) The description of the role.
Every resource has a primary role on an item to which they are allocated. For example:
SELECT resource.obj_Name as Resource, role.sks_Name as Role,
        inv.obj_Name as Investment
FROM PES_ResourceAllocation alloc
JOIN PES_SkillSet role on role.sks_UID = alloc.sks_SkillSetUID
JOIN PES_Resource resource on resource.obj_UID =
JOIN PES_Object inv on inv.obj_UID = alloc.obj_ProjectUID