This table contains data for dimensioned attributes of an assignment.

Column Data Type Description
obj_UID int A unique identifier that specifies the ID of the assignment. This value appears in the PES_ProjectAssignment table.
dim_UID int Specifies the ID of the dimension. This value appears in the PES_Dimension table.
tsd_Duration float The duration of an assignment.
tsd_Start datetime The start date of an assignment.
tsd_Finish datetime The finish date of an assignment.
tsd_Work float The amount of work for an assignment.
tsd_Cost float The cost for a particular assignment.

With assignments, you can select directly off the tables when looking for the system attributes specified above. If you have custom attributes, you will need to use the macro. If you are selecting both dimensioned and non-dimensioned attributes, you may find it easier to use a macro rather then joining the tables together.

MACRO: PES_MACRO_PROJECT_ASSIGNMENT. Use the "@" symbol to specify the dimension from which you want to display assignment data. For example:
SELECT * FROM PES_MACRO_PROJECT_ASSIGNMENT(assn, obj_ProjectUID = 281, Description, tsk_Completed, tsk_PMCompleted, tsk_RemainingWork, tsk_PercentWorkComplete, tsk_CapEx,tsd_Duration@Plan, tsd_Start@Plan, tsd_Finish@Plan, tsd_Work@Plan, tsd_Cost@Plan,tsd_Duration@Actual, tsd_Start@Actual, tsd_Finish@Actual, tsd_Work@Actual, tsd_Cost@Actual)
A resource is allocated to an item through an allocation. Every assignment is associated with this allocation. You can join across tables to retrieve this information. For example:
SELECT assn.tsd_Work@Actual, assn.tsd_Work@Plan, resource.obj_Name as Resource FROM PES_MACRO_PROJECT_ASSIGNMENT(assn, obj_ProjectUID = 281 and prv_Published = 1, Name, tsd_Work@Plan, tsd_Work@Actual)
LEFT OUTER JOIN PES_ResourceAllocation alloc ON assn.obj_AllocationUID = alloc.obj_UID
LEFT OUTER JOIN PES_Resource resource ON alloc.obj_ResourceUID = resource.obj_UI