Preferences Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to set options that control how Dimensions CM looks and operates for you.

Any changes take effect after you click the OK button. Some changes do not take effect until after you have closed down and restarted the desktop client.

To back out of all preference changes, click the Cancel button.

Use the Configuration tab (see below) to set the root directory, cache limit, temporary path locations, operation properties, and display properties.

See the Display Fonts Tab to set the display font.

See the Editors Tab to set the default editor for each type of item or request.

See the Associations Tab to define the item types associated with each file extension.

See the Miscellaneous Tab to define settings for properties such as default file content and drag-and-drop.

See the User Interface Tab to specify user interface behavior and workspace settings.

See the Tip Conflict Options Tab to specify the actions Dimensions CM takes when it detects that item revisions need to be merged.

See the Personal Library Cache Tab to enable faster access to repository files.

Configuration Tab



Rules and Guidelines

Display Properties

These fields set Dimensions display properties.


Cache Limit

Type a number representing how many Dimensions CM objects the desktop client can hold in its cache.

  • The default value is 10000.

  • Each Dimensions CM object takes up approximately 5 Kb of space. If your machine's memory can support it, increasing the cache limit can improve performance.

  • A change in this value takes effect after you restart the desktop client.

Automatic Selection

Select to automatically display related objects on the right side of the content window. If this field is deselected, the right-hand views are not populated with object's related objects until you select the primary object.

This control applies when there is only one object selected in the left side of the content window.

Resize columns on View Scroll/Page

Select to resize columns in object lists to show the widest data field in the column.

This operation is manually available by clicking the Auto Resize icon:auto_resize_icon.gif

Enable Colors

Select to display Dimensions CM object entries in their selected color in content windows. If this field is deselected, rows are highlighted to show selection, and display in black and white (not grayscale).

Colors are set for phase and status as described in the Colors Tab of the Customize Views dialog box.

Expand revisions

Select to display all revisions of an item. Deselect to only display the latest revision.

This operation is manually available by clicking the All icon:but_expndall.gif

Column Contexts

(reserved for future use)


Tree Displays

These fields determine the behavior of tree displays in the content windows.


Expand first level

Select to automatically expand the displays of folder or design part trees to the first level when they are initially displayed.


Hover causes tree to expand

Select this option to automatically expand the node of a tree display when the mouse is paused over the name of a collapsed node (but not the “+” icon).


Display Formats

These fields determine the format in which certain fields are displayed.


Date display format

Select the desired date format from the list.


User name display format

Select the format in which you want the user to be displayed in various fields and dialogs.


Operation Properties

These fields set Dimensions properties when performing operations on items.


Keep Copy

Select to leave the existing file copy in the user area after Get Item or Check In Item.


Confirm Completed

Select to see the message "Operation Successful" after performing operations in Dimensions CM.


Apply System Date/Time to Files

Select to set the timestamp of the file(s) in your working area to the current date and time after a Get or Check Out Item operation.


Auto Get

Select to automatically get a new file copy after Get Item or Check In Item.


Confirm Warnings

Select to display warning messages in a popup window that requires you to click OK to continue.


Expand Substitutions

Select as appropriate to influence commands such as Get Item and Check In Item.

This option can also be set via the Windows Explorer Plug-in in the Dimensions Preferences dialog box.

Write metadata

Select if you want metadata to be written to the work area during operations such as get, or check out.


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