Setting the Configuration Details

Set the configuration details when you want to determine:

PRIVILEGES  No special privileges required.

To access the configuration details:

Select Tools | Preferences and make sure the Configuration tab is selected.

To set the Display Properties:

Each Dimensions CM object (approximately 5K) displayed is allocated an amount of cache. The cache limit determines how many Dimensions CM objects the desktop client will hold in its cache before clearing the cache.

If you have a PC with a large amount of memory, you may want to increase the default value. The larger the cache the better the desktop client will perform, as it will not need to query information from the database as often.

NOTE  Any change in this value will not take effect until after you have closed down and restarted the desktop client.

NOTE  Always exit from the current display before disabling colors – color combinations other than 'white on black' may occur.

To set the Tree Displays:

To set the Display Formats:

To set the Operation Properties:

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