User Interface Tab

Use the User Interface tab to specify user interface behavior and workspace settings.

User Interface Tab



Rules and Guidelines

Recent Projects

Type the number of recently used projects that Dimensions CM should keep track of.

These projects appear in the Recent Projects list in the File menu and the Projects menu on the Context bar.

Number of recent work areas

Enter the required number. This figure determines the number of previously used work areas that are stored for you to select from the drop down list in the Recent Projects option in the File menu and the Projects/Streams menu in the Project Context Bar

This only applies to local work areas. It does not include areas that have been defined using the Administration Console.

Double-click Behaviors

Specify the action to be performed when you double-click on an object in a content window.

To set an action, click on the Behavior column to the right of the object type, and choose an option from the list.

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