Working with Projects

See the following topics for detailed information about using and managing projects:

About Projects

About Managing Projects

About Project Folders

About Work Areas

Opening Projects and Setting Defaults

About Creating Projects

Creating a New Project

Updating a Project

Delivering Files to a Project

Changing a Project or Stream ID

Relating a Project or Stream to Other Objects

Creating a Project Folder

Deleting a Project Folder

Renaming a Project Folder

Moving a Project Folder

Deleting a Project

Actioning a Project or Stream

Creating a Work Area

Assigning a Project or Stream to a Deployment Area

Viewing or Editing Project/Stream Properties

Parallel Development Using Projects

Merging Projects

Importing the Related Items of a Request into a Project

Removing an Item Revision from a Project

Exporting an Item to a Project

About Resolving Conflicting Item Revisions

Resolving Conflicting Item Revisions in a Project

Viewing Users, Roles, and Privileges for a Project or Stream

Viewing Project or Stream History

Displaying a Project/Stream Pedigree