Roles on Projects and Streams

When you assign a role to a design part without specifying a project/stream, the role assignment will apply to all items in that design part except those belonging to any projects/streams to which another role has been specifically assigned. When you make this assignment, you also have the option of additionally specifying a project/stream, in which case it applies only to item revisions included in that project/stream.

This allows you to assign some users a role for a particular project/stream in the product structure, while assigning other users the same role for any remaining projects/streams.

Example: Assigning Roles to project/streams

Consider the following assignments where <NULL> means that the project/stream field is unspecified.



Design Part










Dawn will then have the DEVELOPER role for the QUOTATION design part in every project/stream except PROJA, where Dinesh holds this role.


Dawn has been assigned the role DEVELOPER for design part QUOTATION in Product PAYROLL.

Ted the Team Leader creates a new project PROJA in product QLARIUS. Dawn is able to check out file in PROJA to create a new revision, proja#1

Ted the Team Leader creates another project PROJB in product QLARIUS and has the administrator assign the DEVELOPER role for PROJB to Dinesh.

Dinesh revises (updates) item in PROJB to create a new revision projb#1

When Dawn tries to check out item;B#1 she does not have the required role because this revision is belongs to PROJB, and Dinesh has the DEVELOPER role for any items belonging to PROJB.


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