Special Roles

Each role has been configured to enable the user to perform the appropriate tasks associated with a typical position within your organization. In a new installation they will have the necessary privileges to allow them to perform the appropriate functions, but you can change these, or add new roles.

This section describes some of the most significant roles.

This role allows users to set up and manage the process model for a particular product. The ADMIN group assigns the PRODUCT-MANAGER role to a single user during product creation (Administration Console | Product Definitions).

This role grants users special permissions in the handling of projects/streams. The Workset Manager/Project Manager can set up and maintain the project/stream directory structure, add or remove items, set the project/stream options that regulate how users work within projects/streams, and lock projects/streams to create baselines.

This role allows the user to manage design parts for the product. This includes creating, updating, and relating design parts. These functions are described in detail in Design Part Structure.

This role allows the user to deploy items, requests, and baselines to any stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle for any design part in the product. For details of deployment, see the Deployment Guide.

This role grants users special permissions in the handling of requests. The Change Manager can view other users' inboxes and action requests to any state in their lifecycle, provided that any enabled rules are followed.

This role signifies the creator of a specific request, item, or baseline. It is assigned automatically by Dimensions CM to the user when they create the object, and is only applied to that object. Unlike other assignments, this role is not assigned explicitly, and is not applied to other objects within the design part and/or project/stream that have not been created by that user.

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