Managing Roles

A role is a set of privileges that can be assigned to one or more users or groups that enables them to perform the functions associated with that role. When you install Dimensions CM there is a set of roles already defined with the necessary privileges to enable users to perform the functions for various positions within the organization, such as Developer or Team Leader. For example, having the role of CHANGE-MANAGER gives a user special abilities in relation to requests, such as to view other users’ inboxes and action requests to any state in their lifecycle. You can, if you wish, change the rules that determine the privileges assigned to these roles to more closely model your company’s processes or you can add new roles.

You create a new role or change the privileges for an existing role using the Administration Console | Privileges and Roles | Role Definitions function. For details, see Defining Roles.

A role can be assigned to one or more users or groups, and apply to a:

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