Delegating Roles

If you need to be able to assign or reassign a role for an item or request, you can assign delegation candidates for that role. This means that you will choose one or more of those delegation candidates for a specific item or request at the time that it needs to be worked on.

For example, there are times when allocating a request that you need to decide who it should be forwarded to. You may have a large team of developers and only want to forward the request to one of them. Who you choose may be based on expertise, work load, absences, and so on.

To allow for this, Dimensions CM allows you to create delegate roles and assign delegate candidates to such a role. For example, you could create a delegation role called IMPLEMENTOR, and assign all the appropriate developers to this role. When the team lead actions this request to the Work state, the action wizard requires him to decide who the request should be assigned to, and the request cannot be actioned unless a user has been delegated.


The lifecycle for request type CR has been defined as below.


The transition from Allocate to Work is assigned the role TEAM LEADER, which for the design part QUOTATION is assigned to Ted. The transition from Work to Test has the role Implementor assigned to it. For the design part QUOTATION, this role is assigned to Dawn, Will, and Dinesh as delegation candidates.



Delegation Role on CR Work state













  1. The Change Review Board (CRB) raise a change request against the QUOTATION design part. They action this request to the Allocate state.

  2. Ted, the team leader, receives this request in his inbox because he has the Team Leader role on this design part.

  3. On evaluating its impact, he decides that a change is required to the item As she is the expert on this part of the application, he decides to allocate this work to Dawn.

  4. Therefore, he selects the request in the desktop client and selects Action. In the Action wizard, he selects WORK as the next state.

  5. On the Roles page of the Action wizard, he selects the IMPLEMENTOR role, and then selects Dawn from the list of available users for that role.

  6. He then completes the Action wizard.

  7. The request is actioned to the WORK state, and Dawn, as the delegated user, gets the request in her inbox.

Assigning Delegation Candidates

You assign the required delegate roles to the required design part using the Administration Console | Privileges and Roles | Role Assignment function, and select an Assignment Type of Delegation Candidate when creating the role assignments. For details, see Assigning Roles. You then assign that role to the required lifecycle transition using the Administration Console | Configuration Object Management | Lifecycles function. For details, see Managing Transitions. This means that the object cannot be actioned through this transition unless a user is delegated.

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