Adding a New Object Type


Follow this procedure when you want to create a new type of item, request, design part, baseline, or project in the current product. You can either create a new object type from scratch, or you can base it on an existing object type. See Copying an Object Type.

When you create an object type from scratch, you create it with a name, description and general options. You can subsequently assign attributes, a lifecycle, and define other properties using the various sections within Object Type Definitions.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Object Types

To add a new object type:

  1. From the Object Types main window, click the New button: new_object_type_button00002.gif

  2. The New Object Type dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, enter the name and description for the new object type in the Name and Description fields.

  4. Optionally, associate a lifecycle with the object type.

  5. If you are creating an item or request type, choose an appropriate option for the Closest Functional Match field based on the descriptions and the purpose for which you intend to use it.

  6. Complete the Options tab as necessary.

  7. If you want the dialog box to remain open after adding the new object type, select the Keep Open check box.

  8. Click OK to commit the details.

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