Options Tab for Request Types

The Options tab of the New/Copy/Edit Object Type dialog box for requests enables you to set additional options for the rules and behavior of the request type. When creating a new request type, the initial default values are set according to the Closest Functional Match selected in the General tab.

See About Request Type Options for further explanations of these options.



Create Requires Role

Ensure that only users who have the Create Request privilege can create requests. By default this means they require a role on the product to have this privilege. Note however, that users can also be granted the Create privilege for requests under General Grant Rules, "Grant to all users".

Save history

Save request attribute and action description history when actioning to a new state.

Notify Originator on Close

Notify the Originator of the request by email when the request is closed.

Enforce Primary Role Constraint

Enforce Primary role constraint when actioning the request to a non-terminal state.

Enforce Leader Role Constraint

Enforce Leader role constraint when actioning the request to a non-terminal state.

Take roles from all affected design parts

Determine roles on a request of this type by including the role assignments on all the design parts to which it is related.

When this option is not set role assignments will be taken only from the common ancestor design part for all the related design parts.

Disabled request type

Disallow any new requests of this type from being created.


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