About the Object Type Definitions Sections

Object type details within Object Type Definitions are grouped into a number of sections displayed in different tabs. When an object type has been selected in the navigation pane, one of these sections is displayed in the content pane. Clicking another tab at the top of the content pane brings that section to the front, allowing you to switch to another set of object type details.

Each section deals with a particular aspect of the object type, and may or may not exist for a particular object class. It contains a toolbar enabling you to perform certain actions on those details. Each is discussed under its own topic, listed below:

Content Pane Section

Object Classes

For information see...



General Section for Object Types



Attributes Section



Lifecycle Section

Relationship Names

Items, Change Docs

Relationship Names Section for Items or

Relationship Names Section for Requests

Valid Relationships

Items, Change Docs

Valid Relationships Section for Items or

Valid Relationships Section for Requests

Prime Mapping

Change Docs

Prime Mappings Section

CM Rules

Items, Change Docs

CM Rules Section for Items or 

CM Rules Section for Requests.


Items, Change Docs

Templates Section for Items and Requests

Item Library


Item Libraries Section

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