New Object Type Dialog Box

The New Object Type dialog box enables you to create a new type of item, request, design part, baseline, or project. The first section of the General tab is the same for all object classes. For items and requests there is a Closest Functional Match option which helps you to set appropriate defaults for the additional fields in the Options tab. The Options tab contains different fields for items, requests, and projects. See:



Rules and Guidelines


The product to which this object type will belong.

  • Display only.

  • Set to the current product.


The class of object: item, request, design part, baseline, or project.

  • Display only.

  • Determined from the previous selection.


The name that identifies the object type.

  • Required.

  • Up to 10 characters for item types, up to 25 characters for other object types.

  • Must be unique within the product.


The lifecycle to associate with the new object type.

Note that for a design part, this is set to LC_PART, and cannot be changed.

  • Choose a lifecycle from the list.

  • Optional.


A description for the object type.

  • Up to 240 characters.

  • Required.

What is the closest Functional Match

Only present for items and requests.

A selection reflecting the way the item or request type will be used. Dimensions will set the defaults in the Options tab to appropriate values according to the selection you make in this field.

  • Choose an appropriate option based on the descriptions displayed.


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