Options Tab for Item Types

The Options tab of the New/Copy/Edit Object Type dialog box for items enables you to set additional options for the rules and behavior of the item type. When creating a new item type, the initial default values are set according to the Closest Functional Match selected in the General tab.

See About Item Type Options for further explanations of these options.



Allow Parallel Checkout

Allow the checking out of different revisions of an item in parallel.

Require User Comment

Make a user comment mandatory when items are created and checked in to Dimensions.

Auto-generate Item Identifier

When creating a new item, generate an item identifier automatically.

Enable Item Header Substitution

When getting or browsing items, enable the Dimensions item header substitution facility.

Don't Force new Revision Number on Checkin

Allow updating of the content of an item residing at the initial lifecycle state without changing the revision.

Note: When a request is specified when checking out items, new revisions are always created.

Restrict previous Option to Originator

If update at initial lifecycle state is allowed, restrict the permission to update to only the creator of the item.

Compress Library File

Compress files when stored in the Dimensions item library.

Check in only changed revisions

Do not allow the same item revision that was checked out to be checked back in.

NOTE: This setting does not affect the web client. In the web client, this behavior can be achieved for all item types on a per-user basis in the Preferences dialog box by deselecting Check in for the If workfile unchanged option.

Enforce Primary Role Constraint

Enforce Primary role constraint when actioning the item to a non-terminal state.

Enforce Leader Role Constraint

Enforce Leader role constraint when actioning the item to a non-terminal state.

Use standard level numbering scheme for revisioning

Use the standard Dimensions Algorithm for determining the numbering of item revisions when a new branch is created.


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