Using the Archive Wizard

When you run the Archive Wizard, items that you specify to archive are automatically moved to and stored in archived tables. You can archive inactive primary items or Change History records for active and inactive primary and auxiliary items.

The wizard also provides a way to restore previously archived items and to delete archived items. An additional feature allows users to restore individual archived inactive primary items, given the correct privileges are granted. For details, refer to Restoring Archived Items.

If you archived change history records in a earlier version than TeamTrack 6.5, you cannot use the Archive Wizard until you upgrade the records. For details, refer to Upgrading Archived Change History.

Tip: For best results, the Archive Wizard should be used during system maintenance windows or periods when user activity is light. Deadlocks may occur if you run the wizard during periods of heavy use.
For details on using the Archive Wizard, refer to: