Selecting Items to Archive

The wizard performs archival actions in the database that the SBM System Administrator is currently connected to. Be sure you are connected to the database you want to perform archival actions in before running this wizard.

To select items to archive:

  1. Select Connect from the File menu in the SBM System Administrator to connect to a database that contains items you want to archive You must be connected to the database via ODBC.
  2. Select Archive from the Tools menu. The Archive Wizard Welcome dialog box opens.
  3. Click Next. The Select Item Type dialog box opens.
  4. Select one of the following types of item for archival actions from the list:
    • ChangeActions (Change History) – Archives Change History records for inactive and active primary and auxiliary items in a specified table. The following information applies to archiving Change History records:

      • Archived Change History records cannot be viewed by users.

      • When you archive Change History records, the State Change History for the specified time period is archived as well. This may affect how items appear to users. For example, the State Change History may show an item to be in a particular state, when the item is actually in a different state. You can determine the correct state by viewing the selection in the State field for the item.

      • You can archive Change History records to improve performance when upgrading your database. This enables you to upgrade Change History records at a later time. For details, refer to Upgrading Archived Change History.

    • Primary Items – Archives specified inactive primary items.

  5. Click Next to continue.