Global Search by Keyword

To search for items in multiple tables by keyword:

  1. From the Search/Reports link, click the Global Search by keyword link. The Global Search by Keyword form opens.
  2. Type the keyword or keywords in the Keyword box. Separate multiple keywords with a space. To find an exact phrase, enclose it with quotation marks. To find all items, type an asterisk (*) or leave the Keyword box blank to return all items in a specified table and project.
  3. Select the Match Any option to search for a match on any keyword. Select the Match All option to find a match for all keywords.
  4. The Search Tables list contains a list of primary and auxiliary tables in which you can view items. Select one on more tables you want to search.
  5. In the Status area, select one of the following options:
    • Active – search for active items in the selected tables.

    • Inactive – search for inactive items in the selected tables.

    • Both – search for active and inactive items in the selected tables.

  6. Click the Search button to return items in the selected tables that meet your search criteria.

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