Modifying Strings Using the Auxiliary Data Feature

To modify strings using the Auxiliary Data feature in SBM Application Administrator:

  1. Grant privileges to the Languages and Strings ID tables to users who are responsible for modifying strings. For details, refer to Granting Privileges to the Languages and Strings Tables.
  2. Add language records to the Languages table. For details, refer to Adding Language Records to the Languages Table.
  3. In the SBM User Workspace, create a Listing report or perform a search on the String IDs table to identify the identifiers for the strings you want to modify. Make note of any format control inserts contained in the string identifier because you will need to replicate this in the string record. For information about string identifiers, refer to Working With String Identifiers.
  4. For each string you want to modify, add a record to the Strings table and associate the string to a string ID and language record. Make sure to replicate any format control inserts included in the string identifier associated with the string. For details, refer to Adding Records to the Strings Table.
  5. After modifying strings, stop and start your SBM Application Engine Web Server.