Working with Global Templates, Files, and Strings

You can customize SBM User Workspace HTML templates, HTML style sheets, online help files, and JavaScript functions. These changes are global and impact the only SBM User Workspace.

As an alternative, you can change the SBM User Workspace color scheme by changing the theme setting in SBM Application Administrator. For details, refer to the SBM Application Administrator Guide.

If you need to modify Serena Work Center templates, contact Customer Support.

Important: Serena Customer Support recommends that HTML templates, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript functions only be customized by users with advanced knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. While Customer Support supports the process of placing customized files in the database, the process of customizing HTML templates, HTML style sheets, and JavaScript functions is only supported through a Professional Services contract.

You can also modify or translate SBM User Workspace strings, which control most of the static labels and error messages.

For details, refer to: