Working With String Identifiers

String identifiers are stored in the String IDs table.

String identifiers contain the root string information for the SBM User Workspace and should not be modified. For best results, only grant "view" privileges to the Strings IDs table to users who will add records to the Strings table. This enables them to search for and associate string identifiers with Strings table records without actually modifying string identifiers.

Each string identifier contains the following required information:

Types of String Identifiers

Two types of global string identifiers are provided:
  • Simple - Simple string identifiers do not contain format control inserts. The IDS_SUBMIT string identifier, which controls the label for the Submit area of the Navigation pane, is an example of a Simple string.
  • Complex - Complex string identifiers contain format control inserts. The format inserts are replaced with parameters defined in SBM. The IDS_F3_MSG_ITEMNOTFOUND string identifier is an example of a Complex string. Do not add, modify, or delete the style and number of format control inserts in provided string identifiers. To accommodate languages with non-English syntax, you can change the ordering of the inserts.

Naming Conventions for String Identifiers

In general, the following naming conventions are used for global string IDs.

String Name Prefix Description
IDS_BTN_ Indicates string identifiers for buttons.
IDS_Fn_ Indicates complex string identifiers. n represents the number of format control inserts contained in the string identifier.
IDS_HELP_ Indicates string identifiers for hover text for help icons.
IDS_MSG_ Indicates string identifiers for error and warning messages presented to users in the SBM User Workspace.
IDS_STR_ Indicates string identifiers for literal text that may be used in multiple places. IDS_STR_DELETED, which by default returns "deleted" in US English, is an example.
IDS_context String identifiers that do not fall into one of the preceding categories are considered context strings. The portion of the name immediately following the IDS_ prefix indicates the area of the SBM User Workspace in which the string is used. For example, string identifiers beginning with IDS_USERPROFILE indicate strings used on the User Profile pages.
prefix Indicates string identifiers for custom forms.