Adding Records to the Strings Table

For each SBM User Workspace string you want to modify, you must add a record to the Strings table and associate the record with a string identifier and a language record. Users who have their locale set to that specified in the language record will see this string.

To add a record to the Strings table:

  1. Log on to the SBM Application Administrator.
  2. From the Administrator portal, select Auxiliary Data.
  3. From the Table drop-down list, select Strings.
  4. In the Results pane, click New to open a Submit form for the Strings table.
  5. From the Language ID drop-down list, select the language with which the string will be associated.
  6. In the String ID box, type a few letters included in the string ID you want to associate with the string, and then click the search icon. Select the appropriate string from the list.
  7. In the String box, type the text that will replace the root value of the string identifier.
    Note: If the string identifier contains format control inserts, you must replicate these from the Root Value field for the string identifier. For details, refer to Working With String Identifiers.
  8. Click OK.