The troubleshooting tips in this section cover the most common problems that you could encounter when installing and testing the EMQA. If you cannot resolve your problems after trying the solutions suggested here, contact Serena Customer Support.

I cannot establish a connection to the EMQA.

Explanation: You could get errors in a number of places indicating that the connection to the EMQA failed. In addition, your process app might not work as expected.

Solution: To correct this problem, try the following:
  • In the EMQA Setup Service, verify that the host name is correct.
  • Be sure that JMS is installed on the server and is accessible from port 1099.
  • Open the jms-ds.xml file located in the installDir\Common\jboss405\server\default\deploy\jms folder, find the attributes for your JMS server (the server name is part of the value for the ProviderName attribute), and verify that the information matches the properties defined for your server.

I got a ClassNotFoundException.

Explanation: This error means that the JMS server is not available, or you did not establish a connection between the server and the EMQA. Your server will continue to try to connect to the EMQA until this problem is resolved.

Solution: To correct this problem, try the following:

An item was not created in Serena Business Manager.

Explanation: In the SBM User Workspace, you could not find the item that should have been created.

Solution: To correct this problem, try the following: