Configuring the Event Dispatch Properties

You define the Product, ProductVersion, and ProductInstance values that the EMQA uses to create an event in the file.

To configure the event dispatch properties:

  1. Open the file located in the installDir\Common\jboss405\server\default\conf\emqa folder.
  2. Enter the appropriate property values for your product.

    The following sample code shows a configured file.

    Product: MyProduct
    ProductInstance: Sole
    ProductVersion: 1.2

    Product, ProductInstance, and ProductVersion configure the values in the event that EMQA sends to the SBM Event Manager. They should match the values declared in the event definition that you create for your EMQA application (see Creating an Event Definition to Handle Events from the EMQA).

    DispatchToUrl configures the location of the local SBM Event Manager for EMQA. The value shown is typical and does not normally need to be modified unless you are using a different port for the JBoss server in your SBM installation.

    Important: Do not change any of the values below DispatchToUrl.
  3. Save and close the file.