Adding a JMS Listener for the Test Queue


You must have established a JMS connection on your local machine.

In this section, you will add a JMS listener for test queue D.

Note: If you are still in the EMQA Setup Utility, skip to step 5.

To add a JMS listener for the test queue:

  1. Point your Web browser to http://localhost:port/jmx-console, where port is the port that you specified when you installed Serena Business Manager. (The default port is 8085.)
  2. In the Connect to Localhost dialog box, enter admin for User name and admin for Password.
  3. Click OK.

    The JMX Agent View Localhost page opens.

  4. At the bottom of the page, under serena.eventmanager, click service=EmqaSetupService.

    The EMQA Setup Service opens on the JMX MBean View page.

  5. Under java.lang.String addListener(), in the ParamValue column of the hostName parameter, enter the name of your local machine.
  6. In the ParamValue column of the queueName parameter, enter queue/D.

    The username and password values are optional.

  7. Click Invoke.

    The message "Successfully added listener hostNameDMdb" should appear. If you see an error message, go to Troubleshooting.

  8. Click the Back to MBean View link.
  9. Click the Back to Agent View link.
  10. Verify that the EMQA user exists. (See Creating the EMQA User.)
  11. Verify that the event dispatch properties are configured. (See Configuring the Event Dispatch Properties.)
  12. Restart the JBoss server.