Preparing to Use Work Center

To optimize your experience, follow these steps before you begin using Work Center:

  1. Pin application groups and applications to the Work Center toolbar. This enables you to quickly access information views related to these applications and to create reports specific to the applications. Refer to Pinning Applications and Application Groups.
  2. Set preferred projects. You can then limit searches to items in these projects and more easily create feeds and reports limited to a set of projects you use frequently. Refer to My Projects.
  3. Customize your Dashboard, My Activity, and Calendar views for Home and each application and application group. Refer to Customizing Views.
  4. Create feeds to customize the data available for your views. Refer to Creating Activity Feeds and Creating Calendar Feeds.
  5. Subscribe to notifications to receive by e-mail and in the Notifications view. Refer to Notification Subscriptions and Viewing Notifications.