Defining Service Requests

Service requests use SBM projects as an entry point to IT services.

Consider the following information as you manage service requests:

Creating Service Requests

To add a service request:

  1. Select Customize | Service Request Catalog.
  2. Click + Service Request.
  3. Choose a display image by clicking Change image. You can choose from existing images or insert a URL. For best results, use an image that is 64 x 64 pixels. For information about the image picker, see Using the Image Picker.
  4. Enter a Name and Summary for the new service request. The summary appears as a quick description. Users can search for the information you provide here.
  5. From the Service Request Category option, select one or more categories to which the service request should be assigned.
  6. Enter a longer description in the Description box. The long description appears when users expand the service request in Request Center. Users can search for the information you provide here.
  7. Enter the Charge Back cost. This is the cost that user or the user's department will incur when the service request is completed successfully. Note that this field is only shown to users if you enter a charge back value.
  8. Select whether you want to display the service request under the Favorite, What's New, and Featured sections in the home view of the Catalog tab.
  9. Select the Display Order for the service request by dragging the slider. The lower the number, the further to the left and the higher it will appear on the Catalog tab.
  10. Select these Visibility options as they apply:
    • Show in Catalog

      Select to show the service request to users. If this check box is cleared, the service is hidden and can only be seen by administrators. Icons for hidden services are noted with a blue circle.

    • Show in Container Overview

      Select this option to show a service request for the overview page for a container. If this option is cleared, the service is shown only when users select a category within a container.

  11. Select how the request should be submitted.
    • If you select Submit request into Process App, you must define the project to submit into and which submit form to use. You can specify the Type and pre-populate the Title field for the new item as well. The following table explains the fields on this form.
      Fields Description
      Process App Choose the process app that contains the project to submit into.

      Select the project to submit into. Projects used by another service request cannot be selected.

      You can modify and create projects directly. Select Open Project to open the selected project in SBM Application Administrator. Select Add Project to open SBM Application Administrator, navigate to the appropriate process app and parent project to add a new sub-project. After you add the project, click image to refresh the project list.

      Submit Form Select a submit form to override the submit form selected for the project. The form can either be in the selected process app or in a process app that has forms that reference the primary table, such as the forms contained in the Starter Pack Forms process app.
      Note: SRC - Service Request process app includes additional forms that are designed for transitions other than submit. Do not choose these forms, because the JavaScript included on them can cause unexpected behavior, such as a disappearing form.
      Close on submit Select this check box to close the form after users submit a request.

      Clear this check box to present the submitted request to users so they can view it and act on it as needed.

      Type Select an default item type for the request. Available tem types are based on the project that you selected.
      Title Enter text that will be pre-populated in the Title field of the request.
      Note: The name of this option depends on the display name of the system Title field in your process app.
      CI Service Select the service configuration item (CI) that you want to associate with the service request. This field is visible if the SSM - Configuration Management System process app is deployed. Values are active CIs. For details, refer to Creating a Service as a CI.
      Show SLA Summary Select this check box to show the SLA summary when users view service request details.
      SLA Summary

      Enter the level of service that users should expect. If the project has SLAs defined, users will see a list of defined SLAs and their descriptions instead of the text entered here. See Defining SLAs for more details on defining SLAs for a project.

      Override SLA Summary This option is available when the selected service project has SLAs defined. Select this check box to override the SLA defined for the project.
      Alternative SLA Summary Provide alternative SLA information. The SLA summary defined for the project will not be shown to users.
    • If you select Show external web page, enter the URL. Choose whether to display the link in Request Center or in a new window. Optionally, you can add an SLA summary.

Modifying Service Requests

To edit, clone, or delete a service request:

  1. Select Customize | Service Request Catalog.
  2. Search for the service request you want to edit, clone, or delete.
  3. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner, and then click the appropriate icon.