Creating a Service as a CI

A service CI is a the highest level of CI and is visible throughout the CI hierarchy down to the individual request. It can be used to capture and report details about services being offered; report on the content of the Service Request Catalog in Serena Request Center; and review volume, usage, and compliance information about Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are associated with the services.

A service CI has a SERVICE ATTRIBUTES section containing the fields that are required for ITIL certification. The following fields are exceptions because existing CI fields serve the same purpose:
ITIL Certification Field Comparable CI Field
Service name Name
Service description Description
Service status Status, State
Service classification and criticality Type, Category, Sub-Category, Sub-Category Type

To create or update a service CI, select a service type in the Type field. Two service types are provided by default: IT Service and Business Service. "Network Management" and "Access and Permissions" are examples of IT services; "Payroll" and "Finance" are examples of business services.

After an administrator associates a service CI with a service request in Request Center, requests submitted into that service request from Request Center are automatically associated with that service CI and are displayed in the Service Affected field on state forms. The association can be changed when a request is updated.

Note: An administrator can also associate a service CI with a service request at the project level in SBM Application Administrator by setting a default value for the Service Affected field for the Submit transition. This will be the initial value for all requests submitted into that project, unless an administrator used SRC to associate another service CI with that service request. In this case, there is no default value for the Service Affected fields for requests submitted through Request Center.