New Design Part Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to create a new design part.

Use the General tab to identify the design part and its scope.

See Attributes Tab/Page for how to view and change the user-defined attributes for the design part.

General Tab



Rules and Guidelines

Parent Part Specification

Type, or accept, the specification of the parent design part. Or click the Browse button to select a design part.



Select a category.

Do not select the Product category, which is reserved for the top-level design part. Dimensions CM issues an error if you choose Product.

Categories are set up in the Administration Console. For more information, see the Process Configuration Guide.

New Part ID

Type the new part name.

The maximum length is 25 characters.

Dimensions CM automatically converts all letters you type to upper-case.

Cannot contain a colon (“:”) or semicolon (";")character


Type a new variant.

  • Required.

  • Up to 128 characters.

  • Defaults to “A”.


The part change status.

  • Required.

  • Up to 3 characters.

  • The default value is 1.


Type a brief description of the design part.


The maximum length is 240 characters.

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