Creating a Design Part


Create a new design part when you want to add a new logical element to the design part structure.

PRIVILEGES  Create Design Part

To create a design part:

  1. Select File | New | Design Part.

  2. On the General tab of the New Design Part dialog box, verify that the Parent Part Specification is correct, or click Browse and find a different design part.

  3. From the Category list, select a category. Categories are created in the Administration Console. For more information, see the Process Configuration Guide.

  4. NOTE  Do not choose PRODUCT from the Category list as it is reserved for the product's top-level design part. Dimensions CM issues an error message if you try to create a part with this category.

  5. For New Part ID, type a name for the design part.

  6. NOTE  You cannot enter a part ID that contains a colon (“:”) or semicolon (";") character.

  7. For Description, type a brief description of the design part.

  8. Click the Attributes tab, and complete any required fields.

  9. Click Create.

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