About Part Change Status (PCS)

The part change status (PCS) is an alphanumeric indicator used for version control. It indicates the modification level of the design part. The PCS of a design part is by default inherited from its parent design part. Design part operations can only be performed on the current version of a design part.

When you update the PCS, the original PCS changes to the Closed state and the new PCS is set to the Open status. Closed PCS versions are inaccessible except for certain baseline reports.

The part change status enables you to change the design part structure when you otherwise could not. When you create a release baseline, Dimensions CM freezes all the items included in the baseline, and the design part structure used for the baseline. Changing the part change status of the relevant design parts, enables you to modify the design part structure after a release baseline has been made from the existing design parts.

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