Defining Products


Follow this procedure to define a new product in the base database. When creating a new product, you must assign a registered Dimensions CM user to the Product Manager role, and can additionally assign users to the Change Manager and Parts Controller roles. Refer to  for details on how to register new users.

When you create a new product, you use an existing product, or the $GENERIC product to base its details on. Object type definitions and privilege assignments are copied from that product.

You can also define values for any product attributes that appear on the Attributes tab. These attributes must have been previously defined for the product selected in the Based On field. To define product attributes, use the Administration Console | Object Type Definitions | Attribute function and assign attributes to the PRODUCT design part category.

PRIVILEGES  Create Product

To define a product:

  1. From the Product Definitions main window, click the New button: newproductbutton00002.gif. The New Product dialog box appears.

  2. Specify a unique name for the product in the Product ID field.

  3. Select the product that you want to use as the basis for the new product from the Based On list.

  4. Enter a description of the product in the Description field.

  5. Change the Variant or PCS (revision no.) default values if necessary.

  6. Select a user to be the product manager for the product from the Product Manager list.

  7. Optionally, complete the rest of the fields in the dialog box.

  8. Click the Attributes tab to specify values for any user-defined attributes for the product.

  9. Click OK to add the new product.

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