Modifying Products


Follow this procedure to:

PRIVILEGES  Modify Product, Delete Product

NOTE  When you delete a product, Dimensions deletes all information about it from the database and removes any reference to a product's items from within a project/stream. However, the contents of the libraries themselves are left intact. The Tool Manager can back up or delete these files using standard operating system commands.

To edit or delete a product:

  1. From the Product Definitions main window, select the product that you want to edit or delete.

  2. Do one of the following:

    If you want to...


    Edit a product

    1. Click the Edit button: editbutton00003.gif

    2. In the Edit Product dialog box, you can change the Description field and any user-defined attributes.

    Delete a product

    1. Click the Delete button:

    2. deleteproduct00004.gif.

    3. Confirm that you want to delete the product(s) by clicking Yes.

    NOTE If you are attempting to delete your current product, you will receive an error message. To delete it, you will need to switch to another product by clicking the product link in the status bar.

    After you delete the product, you will be reminded to delete the library files using operating system commands.

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