System Security

These roles define the functions users can perform with the Serena Release Automation server (also referred to as system security). Available permissions are:

Server Permissions table

Permission System Settings Description
Security Manage security configuration; users without this permission cannot access or change the security functions.
Manage Plug-ins Grants users the ability to install new plug-ins (see Installing Plug-ins).
Create Subresources Ability to create subresources (see Resources).
Create\Manage Resource Roles Create and delete resource roles (see Resource Roles).
Create Components Create components (see Creating Components).
Create Applications Create applications (see Creating Applications).
Create Component Templates Create component templates (see Creating a Component Template).
Manage Licenses Add and remove licenses (see Licenses).

To add users to system security roles:

  1. Display the System Security tab Settings > Security > Security.

    All defined roles display.

  2. Use the Add Role Member action for a specific role, then select the user.

    All users are available.

    As shipped, Serena Release Automation provides Configuration Manager and System Administrator roles; the latter has all configured permissions granted. By default, System Administrator role has a single group—Admin Group (with user admin), and the Configuration Manager role also has a single group—Configuration Group (with user config).