Creating Applications

You can create an application from scratch or import an existing one (see Importing/Exporting Applications for information about importing applications.

After creating an application, you:

Before configuring an application, ensure that at least one agent has been installed in a target environment (for evaluation purposes, the agent can be on the same machine as the server). See Resources.

To create an application:

  1. Display the Create New Application dialog Applications > Create New Application [button], and enter the following:

    New Application Information table

    Field Description
    Name and Description Typically, correspond to the application you plan on deploying.
    Notification Scheme notifications—based on events—can be sent out due to Serena Release Automation integrations with LDAP and e-mail servers. For example, when an application deployment fails or succeeds, the default notification scheme sends out an email. Notifications can also be used to send out emails to a user or a group (based on their security role) for approval of a requested deployment (see Notifications).
    Enforce Complete Snapshots If selected, the application requires every component to get versioned.
  2. Save your work when done.