Installing Plug-ins

Plug-ins can be installed at any time. You can download a zip file that contains all the plug-ins from the page.

To download the plug-ins:

  1. Go to and log in using your customer account.

  2. Browse to the My Downloads tab.

  3. From the Please Select Product drop-down, select Serena Release Automation.

  4. Download the plug-ins zip file to the platform on which you want to deploy it.


You do not need to decompress the .zip file.

To install the downloaded plug-ins:

  1. From the Automation Plug-ins pane, display the Load Plug-in dialog Settings > Plugins > Load Plugin [button].

  2. Enter the path to the compressed plug-in (.zip) file and click Submit.

After the plug-ins load process completes successfully, the plug-ins are listed on the Automation Plug-ins pane. Once installed, plug-in functionality is available immediately.