Configuring Release Manager to Use a Different Port

Serena Release Manager runs using the Serena Common Web server, which is an Apache Tomcat Web server. The Serena Release Control installer automatically installs and configures the Serena Common Web server to run on the default port of 9095. If this port is already in use by another application on your server, or if you already have an instance of the Serena Common Web server running on a different port on this server, you will need to decide how you want to proceed.

If you want to use a different port for Serena Release Manager, you must change the port number as follows:

  1. Install the Serena Common Tomcat Web server and Serena Release Control as usual.

  2. Rerun the Serena Release Control installer at the command line with parameters to change the port the Serena Common Tomcat Web server runs on.

  3. Configure the endpoints for the snapshots to point to the non-default port, and then promote the snapshots and deploy the process apps.

  4. Configure all RESTgrid widgets in the process app forms to point to the non-default port and then redeploy the process apps.

  5. Change the port to which the Web Services WSDLs point and re-import the WSDLs.




CAUTION!  Serena Release Manager is configured to use port 9095 by default, but changing the Web server to use port 9095 may impact other Serena products if they rely on a previously configured port, such as 8080. Make sure all Serena products using the same Serena Common Web server are configured to use the same port number, or install the products on separate servers so that they can use different Serena Common Web servers with different port numbers.




NOTE  Use the default installation and configuration procedures on the Serena Release Manager server in the following scenarios:

  • There is a non-Serena Tomcat, IIS, or other Web server installed on this server on a port other than 9095, and port 9095 is free.

  • There is a Serena Common Tomcat Web server already installed on this server on port 9095.

  • There is not a Web server on this server.