Changing the Port on Which the Common Web Server Runs

The default port on which this is configured to run is 9095. If you want to use a different port, you must first install the Common Web server and Serena Release Control, and then change the port number as follows:

To change the Serena Release Manager Web server port number:

  1. Invoke the Command Prompt, or command line interface, for your Windows environment. For example, from the Start menu, run cmd.exe.

  2. At the command prompt, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Serena Release Control installation file executable, Release Control.exe. For example:

    cd \Downloads\RCBuild\Win64

  3. Enter the following command at the prompt:

    "Release Control.exe" /V"/L*v "%TEMP%\<logfilename>.log" TC_PORT=<port#>"

    For example, here is the command to log the install and change the Tomcat Web server port to 1234:

    "Release Control.exe" /V"/L*v "%TEMP%\test_install.log" TC_PORT=1234"

    The Serena Release Control installer appears.

  4. Follow the prompts to modify your Web server installation with the specified port.



    NOTE  Versions of Serena Release Control prior to version 3.1 use a default Web server port of 8080.