Changing the Web Services to Point to a Different Port

If you are changing the port that Serena Release Manager runs under, you must change the port to which the Web Services WSDLs point and re-import the WSDLs.

To change and re-import the Web services WSDLs:

  1. From SBM Composer, open one of the Serena Release Manager process apps.

  2. In the navigation pane, click Extensions.

  3. Under Web Services, select one of the following Serena Release Manager Web services, RLMUtilServices or ReleaseRequestService.

  4. In the Property Editor beside the WSDL field, click Reimport.

  5. Change the port number to the one you are using.

  6. Click OK to re-import the updated Web service.

  7. Repeat for each of the Serena Release Manager Web services in each of the process apps except RLM_AUX and Environments, which do not use endpoints.