The following section describes a number of issues you may encounter when installing, configuring, or using Serena Development Manager. These are:

Installation Issues

Test Connection fails for Sample Data for Oracle if User Expiration error received

An error Should be Displayed if Attempting to Install SBM Sample Data for remote MSSQL

QC Connector Does not Install when Using Remote Desktop

Upgrading Issues

Installation Interrupted Error on Upgrade when an Already Installed Component is deselected

Development Control Issues

Revised Baseline Creation fails When Building a Baseline using MSSQL

QC Integration not Working on 64-bit Machine

Build of Baselines Fails in Dimensions CM for CM Sample Data

REST Grids not Working for SBM 10.1 when Using Firefox with SSO

Actioning a Task in Dimensions CM to Complete Does not Transition the Task in SBM to Complete.

Task Owner Field not Updated for Tasks in Sample Data

Baseline in Dimensions CM not moved to Released state when transitioned to Released in SBM

Configuration Issues