Installation Issues

Test Connection fails for Sample Data for Oracle if User Expiration error received

When running the Development Control installer with either the Dimensions CM or SBM sample data selected for Oracle, the test connection fails if the password is due to expire within 7 days.

You will need to make sure that the Oracle user will not receive this expired password warning in order to complete the installation.

An error Should be Displayed if Attempting to Install SBM Sample Data for remote MSSQL

When running the Development Control installer and choosing to install the sample data for SBM using a remote MSSQL database, the installer allows the process to continue. This option is not actually supported, and the installation should not complete successfully.

You will need to run the installer on the machine where MSSQL is installed, selecting the option to install the SBM sample data using the Custom install option. See Installing Serena Development Control.

QC Connector Does not Install when Using Remote Desktop

When installing Development Control via Remote Desktop access to a Windows 2003 system, installation may fail if you include the Connector to Quality Center option. To avoid this issue, run Remote Desktop in Console or Administration mode by running one of the following commands:

mstsc /admin


mstsc /console