Team Resources

Resource management decisions are often based around labor. How much is needed? What types of skills are required and when does it needs to be done by? Who can do it? Did it get done? You can measure labor in the following ways:

You can use the Team Resources tab to help identify the skill levels needed by a task and then to find (or request) the resources in your organization who can be assigned to work on them.

The upper pane of the Team Resources tab is used to view the resources that have been allocated to a work item. A project manager or resource manager can allocate actual and generic resources one resource at a time or can allocate many resources by using the Allocation Editor.

Select a start date and an end date to view the resources that are available; allocations that fall outside of the selected date range will not be displayed. You can also view resources in the Team Resources tab by dimension (such as Plan or Task Baseline), by a unit of measurement (such as currency or hours), or by a time period defined by your organization (such as a fiscal year).

The default column shown for a team roster is: Name. To display a resource's assigned tasks, click the plus symbol next to a resource name. You can add additional columns to the upper pane by clicking the Properties button. Use the Swap/Grid Timeline button to toggle between the timegrid and timeline views. Click the Apply button to recalculate the timeline or timegrid view to include your changes. Click Show Allocations to display allocation values instead of assignment values. Move the splitter bar to increase or decrease the size of the upper pane.

The lower pane of the Team Resources tab is used to view resource allocation properties. The General tab shows a resource's properties, such as their email address and contact information. The Calendar tab shows the resource's personal calendar. The Graph tab shows the resource's capacity, assignments, and allocations. The Allocation tab shows resource allocation and allows you to make changes to allocations. The Resource Role tab shows resource role details.

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