You can track how project managers have assigned resources to individual tasks within a work item, to help load balance resource allocations across any work item.

Select a resource team. The default column shown for resources is: Name. You can add additional columns to the upper pane by clicking the Properties button. Use the Filters tab to select specific resources. Use the Organize tab to sort and group resources.

Use the Swap/Grid Timeline button to toggle between the timegrid and timeline views. Timegrid and Timeline tabs can be optimized for starting and ending dates, dimensions (Plan, target, baseline, Actual, or Task Baseline), units (FTE, currency, or hours), time period (Calendar Week, Calendar Month, Calendar Quarter, Calendar Year, Fiscal Month, Fiscal Quarter, or Fiscal Year), and timescale. Click the Apply button to recalculate the timeline or timegrid view to include your changes. Move the splitter bar to increase or decrease the size of the upper pane.