Process App Editor

Element Description
Name The process app name. Note that process app names should be unique within the repository.
Category The category to which the process app was assigned when it was created.
Note: You cannot change the name or category of a published process app unless you first remove publish restrictions. For details, refer to Modifying Locked Elements in a Published Process App.
Description Optional comments or notes about the purpose of the selected process app.
Publish Status Indicates one of three statuses (not published, published, or published/unlocked).

Use this information to determine if certain elements of the process app can be changed. For example, you cannot change the database name for fields and tables after a process app is published.

To unlock a published process app, click Remove publish restrictions. This enables you to modify locked elements. For details, refer to Modifying Locked Elements in a Published Process App.

If you plan to redeploy the process app to an environment after changing previously locked elements, you must first undeploy the process app from that environment for changes to the unlocked process app take effect. For details on undeploying, refer to the SBM Application Repository Guide.
Revision Optional comments or notes about this revision of the process app.
Convert to template Converts the process app into a template, which can be a starting point for creating other process apps. For more information, see Creating a Template.
Publish history The record of the process app blueprint as published to Application Repository, including (where applicable) the existing process app as "gotten" from a deployment environment.
Version history The record of the process app design element as checked in to the repository. You can use the labels to match design elements to process app blueprints.
Design numbers

The application name and its associated design number.

Applications in some process apps have the same design number, because they serve a similar purpose and can reference each other. If the process apps have diverged enough from their original purpose, and you want them to have separate design numbers, click Reset design numbers.
Note: For more information about design numbers, see Managing Internal Identity and Design Numbers. For more information about references, see About References.
Business Solutions Shows information about pre-built solutions, such as Release Control.

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