Managing Internal Identity and Design Numbers

SBM Composer uses several mechanisms for maintaining process app identity. This ensures process apps are not overwritten as they are worked on by multiple developers in the same environment. There are times, however, when you may need to reset a process app's identity, as discussed in the following sections.

When process apps are created, SBM Composer assigns two types of identities:

Resetting Internal Identity

The internal identity of a process app cannot be changed once the process app is deployed. You can import a process app and give it a new identity, however. This is useful for creating a process app based on a different process app.

To reset the internal identity for a process app:

  1. Select File | Import and Export | Import as New.
  2. Navigate to a blueprint (.msd) file that was previously exported or downloaded from an external source, such as the Community website.
  3. Carefully read the message that appears, then click Yes to continue the import process.
  4. Rename the following elements in the imported process app:
    • Process app names
    • Primary table database table names
    • Auxiliary table database table names
    • Workflow names
    • Application tab names (not required to be unique, but recommended)

You can now deploy the process app into the same environment as the original process app.

Resetting Design Identity

Design numbers are used to define a process app's design identity.

Typically, you do not need to pay attention to design numbers. However, it becomes important when an application in one process app references an application in another process app. In this case, the reference contains not only the internal identity of the referenced application, but also the design number of the referenced application. This permits the reference to continue to be valid, even though the internal identity may have been changed if the process app was created from a blueprint file. When there is ambiguity about which application was referenced, SBM Composer uses design numbers to present you with a choice of those applications the referencing application was designed to work with.

If process apps with the same design number diverge in purpose and content such that they cannot still be considered related, you can reset the design numbers of their applications.

To reset design numbers:

  1. Select the process app in App Explorer.
  2. In the process app editor, click the Design numbers tab.
  3. Click Reset design numbers.

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