Application Editor

Element Description
Type Indicates that you are working on an application.
Logical name The name by which the application is known. Application names must be unique within a process app.
Version The version of the application design element as checked in to the repository.
Internal name The name by which the application is identified in the SBM database.
Prefix A required prefix of up to 3 characters, constrained as described next to Prefix.
Tab name A label of up to 16 characters that is displayed to users.
Options Indicates that this application is accessible by the mobile app. If this check box is selected, additional validation steps are performed that indicate if parts of the application will function in the mobile app.
Logo An application image that appears to users. In the area to the right, the image is displayed in three sizes. This lets you determine how to scale your image for the best results.

By default, (No image) is selected in the list.

To add a new image, select (New image...) in the list. An Open dialog box that contains numerous images opens. You can select one of these images or navigate to another image stored on the file system of your computer. You can use any HTML-compatible image format (for example, .png, .gif, .jpg, and .bmp).

To use an existing image, select it in the list.

Note: The new and existing images appear under the Images heading in App Explorer.
Description Add comments that will appear to end users who hover over the Application name in certain areas of the SBM Work Center.

HTML tags included in the comments are not rendered at runtime.

For details, refer to Providing Custom End-user Help.

History The history of versions of the application from the repository.
Design number A unique design number assigned to this application. If this application is in a process app that is used as a template, "template" is displayed.

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