Groups View Settings

The Groups view lists the groups you have privileges to administer. Use this view to search for groups and to add, edit, copy, and delete user accounts.

Finding and Sorting Groups in the List

By default, groups are sorted alphabetically by name. Depending on the number of groups in your system, you may need to navigate the list. To do so:

  • Click the column headers to sort fields by group name, status, product-access type, or memo.
  • Search for groups by name.
  • Use Show next to set the number of items to display on the page. You can use one of the provided amounts or specify your own number under 1,000 items. Once set, this value applies to all views in Application Administrator. Use the navigation arrows to move through multiple pages.
    Note: The Items Per Page value applies only to your current machine and browser. It will be reset if you clear your browser cache.
  • Select the Show Deleted Groups check box to add deleted groups to the list.
Tip: To select groups on multiple pages, use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select groups on one page, and then use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to move to other pages. Use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select groups on these pages. A count of selected groups is available at the bottom of the Groups view.

Groups View Options

The following options enable you to work with groups in the list:
  • Add

    Click to add a group. For details, refer to Adding Groups.

  • Details

    Select one or more groups, and then click to edit the group. For details, refer to Comparing and Changing User and Group Accounts.

  • Delete
    Select one group, and then click to delete the group.
    Tip: When a group is deleted, it is not really deleted from the database. You can restore and rename a deleted account rather than add a new one.
  • Restore

    This button is enabled when the Show Deleted Groups check box and a deleted group is selected. Click Restore to restore the deleted group.

  • Copy Group

    Select one group, and then click to copy the group. For details, refer to Copying Groups.

  • Refresh

    Click to refresh the page to its last saved state or to update the page after a deployment or promotion.